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Starting Out

Before Home Base, there was Godfrey & Rachel, a pair of bankers turned real estate agents. Prior to their transition, they, like most Singaporean couples, had experienced moving out of their homes. But unlike most Singaporeans, they had inside knowledge and experience of the industry from their work as mortgage bankers. This allowed them to make solid decisions and secure a new home quickly.

However, they soon realized that the same information they had was not something that their clients had on hand. And this had created very differing situations

The Good

• Cashed out on capital gains quickly

• Found the perfect permanent home

• Had plenty Of reserve funds for rainy days

The Bad

• Overleveraged finances

• Lost income and could no longer support repayments

• Intended to retire with sale proceeds but could not find buyer

The Ugly

• Had to sell their homes at a loss

• Property Repossession

When the couple took the leap and joined the real estate industry, they decided to put their own knowledge and experiences to good use and help other homeowners. As Singaporeans and parents themselves, they know the importance of a well-secured home. Years later and they are still sticking to their motto! However, it is now built into the foundation of their brand, Home Base.

Our Mission

Launched in 2020, Home Base’s mission is to help every person secure their dream home. We believe that every dream home can become reality with a solid base.

We want
to help find homes you

We want to help people find...

Homes you can start a family in

Homes you can raise children in

Homes that you can retire in

Homes that won’t break the bank

Homes that won’t trap you in debt

Our Core Values


Clients are not numbers. They are people with needs, fears and desires...just like everybody else. As service providers, their concerns are our priority.


Bad reputations have plagued the real estate industry for years. We aim to prove that honesty works better through our own actions.

We believe that...

It’s not about picking the most luxurious house. It’s about finding the home that most fits your needs.

It’s not just about getting the keys. It’s about planning each monthly payment so that your lifestyle won’t be severely affected for the rest of your loan term.

It’s not about finding the house that’s going to appreciate in a year. It’s about finding the perfect balance of quiet, convenience and space for your family for the next 10 years or more.

Our Founders

Holding a B.Sc (Real Estate) and Diploma in Building and Real Estate Management respectively, the husband-and-wife team of real estate consultants transitioned into the real estate industry after years working as mortgage bankers.
From the start, the two of them shared an interest in the real estate field, initially joining the mortgage banking sector. However, they eventually decided to put their knowledge to better use and directly enter the property industry instead.
Being trained in real estate law, data analytics, market research, valuation, urban economics and asset management, the pair had a smooth transition and quickly became known for their accurate assessments, detailed financial calculations and keen insights. Several of their first clients were previous banking clients who had made less than ideal decisions in their property purchase due to lack of knowledge and needed to remedy their situation.
Through serving these clients, the pair realised that the knowledge and know-how that they had were not commonly known. In addition, lacking such knowledge would lead homeowners to not only miss opportunities, but fall to potential pitfalls.
“As parents, we want [our son] to have a better head start in life. We want the best education and environment for him to grow up in. The location and condition of our home plays a huge part in that. When we help other parents achieve the same, it makes all our efforts worthwhile.”

Awards & Media Features

Over the 6 years that Godfrey and Rachel have been with PropNex, Singapore’s largest property marketing agency, they have won multiple Platinum Awards and Top HDB Transactor Awards. On top of that, Godfrey achieved the title of Champion Associate Division Director in 2019.

PropNex ICONS Magazine

Godfrey is honoured to have received the award for Champion Associate Division Director in the year 2019 for his achievements in the real estate industry. The ceremony was attended by over 3,000 fellow realtors and industry partners and graced by Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.
Godfrey is recognised by PropNex for his efforts in providing honest and quality service to his clients. His upright conduct and professionalism is upheld as a model for other realtors to follow. An interview was published in the company’s internal ICON Magazine 2019, detailing his journey with the company so far.
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