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Bases We’ve Built

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Our Client Testimonials

Bases We've Built

The biggest fulfillment we get in our careers is when we get to see our clients build their bases successfully and reap the benefits. It serves as a reminder that we are friends first, consultant, and realtor second. Thank you so much to all our clients for trusting us to plan and select the best option for their dream home and an even bigger thank you for those who were willing to be featured in our video series!

Bases We’ve Built is a series documenting & sharing with you our clients’ property journey with us. We are truly delighted to share how they have successfully achieved their dreams of finding their first home, next home, and even nest eggs with us!

Episode 5 | Alvin

Find out how we helped Alvin unlock cash from the sale of their home and upgrade from an HDB to a condo whilst meeting his requirements as well. Through our signature B.A.S.E Strategy, we were able to identify his needs correctly, find the best suitable project that also could provide good upside, and also sell his home fast!

Episode 4 | Wilson & Joanne

Find out how we helped young couple Wilson and Joanne unlock cash from the sale of their home and upgrade from an HDB to an EC with zero cash out of pocket. Through our signature B.A.S.E Strategy, we were able to secure a 3-bedroom unit in the OLA EC as well as 5 to 8 years worth of mortgage payments in CPF monies.

Other Episodes

Watch our previous episodes of Bases We’ve Built. If you’re interested in other videos by Home Base, do check out our YouTube channel!

For the purposes of preserving our client’s confidentiality, we’ve elected to hide their faces. However, it is an undeniable truth that there would be no Home Base without all of our client’s care and support. 

Thank you once again for trusting us to build your Home Base.

Our Client Reviews

Vanessa Tay

We met Godfrey through a friend's recommendation and I was impressed with the way he prepared our house for viewing. 8 months prior, we had engaged a pair of agents to attempt to sell our house. For the next 8 months, the combined effort they had put in was probably no more than 100 calories. Less than a dozen viewings in 8 months. Unenthusiastic, uninitiative, uninterested. Not a single offer. However, within the first week of Godfrey taking over the sales, he had arranged over a dozen viewings in 2 weekends. Guided us how to clean up the place to look more presentable to buyers. Brought his own speakers to play jazz to improve the atmosphere of the house. And within 3 weeks, our house was sold. He is highly knowledgeable and very well prepared. Highly recommend his services. 👍👍👍

Nurharyanti Sahari

I was recommended to Godfrey by a close friend who was also his satisfied client. My husband and I initially intended to upgrade to a 5-room unit, however after calculations, Godfrey suggested to get an EA instead which does not differ much to a 5-room price. He helped us to secure the EA unit that we liked at a good deal. Our selling process was a breeze and Godfrey sold our house within less than a month. Our then unit was carpark-facing, on a lower floor and the entrance was facing the rubbish chute however somehow he managed to also get a good deal for selling. Not only that, as we were doing contra, Godfrey managed to help us to get an extension at no rental cost for not 1, not 2, but THREE MONTHS! This was one of the best things that we had to thank Godfrey for as the reno of our new house took close to three months due to the festive holidays. Many thanks Godfrey!

Wilson & Joanne
Moved to OLA with $0 downpayment with the BASE strategy

“They really make it so much easier for laymen like us. Because we are the first-time sellers and buyers of a new flat. I would give them, if possible, a 5 out of 5 review.” – Wilson Chin, IT Analyst

David & Jasmine
Upgraded using the BASE Strategy

We met Godfrey and was interested in the BASE strategy!  The BASE strategy helped us understand better the different options available for us. And through that we bought a Resale condo in 2018. And as of now, by adopting the BASE strategy, we're sitting on a paper gain of about $100k!

Kevin & Wen Bing
Earned more than $200,000

Godfrey is a professional & extremely knowledgeable person. With his expertise, he was able to plan out the best strategy to sell my home! Through the BASE strategy, we were able to sell our Sengkang HDB and own 2 properties! Having fulfilled our own stay, with the requirements being near Children's school & Now we're sitting on a paper gain of $200k! Thank you Home Base!  

Vanessa Lim
Upgraded using the BASE Strategy

We knew Godfrey so well that we made our decision back then that we were going to hire them to help us get our flat ready to sell. And with the BASE strategy. we were provided with a new opportunity to use our next property as our investment!

Earned more than $140,000

Having met Godfrey from Home Base, we were able to plan with the BASE strategy and we bought a new project in 2018. The strategy was well explained and we were eager to know that we could earn from the appreciation! And as of now, we're sitting on a paper gain of more than $140k!!

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